Integrated Waste Management

Benefits of integrated waste management:

  • Obtaining simple and effective waste management through a single service

  • Reducing administrative tasks and costs by dealing with one supplier

  • Minimising HSSE risk and ensuring legal compliance

  • Achieving useful efficiency improvements

Integrated waste management provides removal service for the following items:

  • Waste oil

  • Filters

  • Anti-freeze

  • Rags

  • Batteries

  • Tyres

  • Paint

  • Cleaning fluids

Tailoring our service

Depending on your precise requirements, your integrated waste management solution may include the following:

  • Analysis and optimisation of waste volume

  • Site assessment by a consultant

  • Removal of all dangerous on-site waste

  • 24-hour emergency spill hotline

  • Secure access to internet sites offering legal information, checklists and special offers

  • Consulting services

  • Training in environmental and waste legislation

Key benefits for your business

  • Obtain simple and effective waste management through a single service

  • Reduce administrative tasks and costs by dealing with one supplier

  • Minimise your HSSE risk and ensure legal compliance

  • Achieve useful efficiency improvements

To discuss how we can help you achieve optimum efficiency in integrated waste management, please contact your local Bulwark representative.