BULWARK HERCULES MULTI series oils are superior multi-grade diesel engine oils specially designed to lubricate a wide range of 4-stroke naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines requiring API CF-4 or lower performance requirements usually older fleet of light, medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. 

BULWARK HERCULES MULTI 15W-40 oil is manufactured using superior hydrocracked mineral base stocks and high-performance additives to provide excellent anti-oxidation, anti-wear properties and reliable all year-round performance. Recommended for use in older generation diesel engines which are widely used on road transport and off-road equipment.

Performance Level
  • API CF-4, CF

  • MB 228.1

Key benefits
  • High anti-oxidation and dispersant properties 

  • Reduced oil consumption, wear and noise level (in older high mileage and worn engines) during severe operation conditions. 

  • Excellent protection against wear & corrosion.

Hercules Multi 15W-40

Multi-Grade Diesel Engine Oil